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Jonathan Fudge - YTEevents, Owner
YTE Events - (813) 310-5900

401 South Florida Ave
Suite #206
Tampa, FL 33602

Phone: 813-310-5900

Also known as: Mr. Fudge - Your Balloon Man

Credentials: Instructor, Owner, Columnist, CBA

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Instant messaging: YourBalloonMan
Twitter: YourBalloonMan
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YTE Events - (813) 310-5900

Jonathan Fudge has been performing since he was 8 years old and has been professionally twisting since his first paid gig at 15 years old. Now 28 and married, he has taught at Diamond Jam, Twist and Shout, Millenium Jam, Florida Super Jam, and in China, Japan, Mexico, and other places across the US. Most well known for his YouTube channel where he teaches beginning balloon artists from around the globe, Mr. Fudge specializes in very quick and impressive multiple balloon shapes suitable for restaurants, advanced line work, birthdays, trade shows, and more!
A few professional accomplishments include being featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in October of 2008, his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2012, and his featured act on America's Got Talent in 2015. An avid entertainer, he also has studied business, social media marketing, search engine optimization, website design, guerrilla marketing, and branding. All of his passions mixed together are what make Mr. Fudge so successful in business. The art of the balloons and the business of marketing have truly been with him since childhood and he brings his diverse knowledge to every class he teaches. Whether you are looking to learn a few marketing tips, a couple of witty lines, or just a really cool way to make a balloon car Mr. Fudge is Your Balloon Man!
Mr. Fudge is Tampa's premier Balloon Artist and Family Entertainer. Be sure to call soon to book him for your next event!
An international award winning balloon artist, Mr. Fudge is able to offer a 100% Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee! That's how sure we are you'll absolutely love his work!

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